Getting Started with Cowtown Pediatrix

1Contact Us / Schedule a Tour

Thank you contacting Cowtown Pediatrix Clinic. We want to help you through the process about receiving therapy services for your child. We understand that this may seem complicated or confusing so we try to make this as smooth as possible for you. If you would like, we welcome you to schedule a tour of our facility so that you can see where your child will be receiving therapy. This is optional, you do not need to tour if you are ready to start the process. Below is the process of beginning therapy. Please don’t hesitate to call us should you still have questions.

2Insurance Check / Financial Responsibility

You will need to fill out and return the Insurance Intake Form. We will receive your insurance information and verify your benefits prior to starting services. Once benefits have been verified, we will contact you to discuss your financial responsibility. This usually takes 1-2 business days. We are IN-network with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and OUT of network with all other insurance companies, including Tricare (Military) . We are NOT providers for Medicaid at this time. We will file all insurance claims per visit so you can utilize your benefits, regardless of your insurance coverage. We offer competitive self-pay rates also, if you do not have insurance coverage, or choose not to use your insurance benefits. If an authorization needs to be obtained, we will do so prior to beginning therapy.

3Schedule Evaluation/Complete New Patient Paperwork

Our staff will schedule your child for an evaluation after we have explained your benefits and financial responsibility to you. Next you will need to fill out all necessary clinical forms so that your therapist will have knowledge of your child prior to the start of the evaluation.

All new patients must have a completed General Intake Form to get started with our program. All forms are online.

Forms are available for download on this page. They can be returned by fax at 817-349- 9941 BEFORE your child’s evaluation appointment.


An OT evaluation will provide comprehensive testing consisting of various age-appropriate activities including, but not limited to, visual motor testing, balancing skills, self care skills, and sensory processing abilities. We will utilize standardize testing, unstructured play observations, and review patient intake forms to formulate a comprehensive understanding of your child. Typically, an evaluation lasts approximately one hour. We do provide a more extensive test called the SIPT (Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests) when clinically indicated. This evaluation will last 2-2.5 hours. The type of evaluation to be scheduled will be determined at the time of scheduling.

5Schedule Parent Meeting

Once the evaluation report is completed, our office will contact you to schedule an appointment to come in and meet with the evaluating therapist in order to review the results and recommendations. This typically lasts approximately 30 minutes and your child does not need to be at this appointment.

6Schedule Treatment

Once the parent meeting is completed, we are ready to begin seeing your child for therapy! You will schedule ongoing therapy appointments with our receptionist. We try to make it as easy as possible for you. All appointments are scheduled on the hour and most appointments last 1 hour. We are open M-F 9:00 am – 6:00 pm during the school year. **(hours change during summer schedule).

**Please note, your child’s evaluating therapist may not be your child’s ongoing therapist. Your child will be assigned a primary therapist because establishing a strong bond is important to us.

Our Forms

Our forms are critical to allowing us to serve you.

Or download all of our forms as one file: